Sherwood R925-RDS Crackling Problem


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Looking for some advice on what could be causing this. I have a basic 5.1 setup with this amp, which is nearly 10 years old now but has never had any problems.

The right front speaker channel seems to have developed a kind of crackling/static noise. This occurs as soon as the amp is switched on and changing sources has no effect on it. It continues to crackle for about 2-3s after the amp is switched off as well.

I've switched the speakers around and determined it wasn't a problem with the speaker. I've checked the speaker connections to make sure none had come lose and there's no effect of moving the speaker cable around (incase another cable was causing the interference).

Is there anything else I could try? or is it time to start looking for a new amp?


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It sounds to me like a dry solder joint problem, which I think Sherwoods are prone to, IIRC.
If you were proficient enough, you might be able to sort it, but otherwise I'd guess it's time for a change


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If its crackling you may be able to see the problem on the board if you look for it in a darkened room, as it may be sparking across the dry joint so it could be a quick fix. :thumbsup:

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