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Reviewed by Chris McEneany, 22nd December 2011.
Hans Zimmer may have furnished the character and the story with a suitably grand and dark musical vernacular, but part of me truly wishes to God that he wasn't scoring The Dark Knight Rises as well as the first two Bat instalments. I now believe that he has lost whatever talent he ever had in favour of mere self-indulgence. He has become a toneless hack … and a complete musical bore. After this final loathsome score, I will not defend him or his volume-enhanced, detail crushing, character and scene-swallowing, mixing-desk composed rubbish ever again. I now stand beside his legions of naysayers and denounce him as the scourge of modern movie scoring. This material is way, way beyond being simply banal and unimaginative. It is lazy and insulting – two things compounded by the fact that he actually went out of his way to seek out so many virtuoso performers and soloists. The film, itself, is not quite as good as the excellent first outing, but I have no compunction in citing Zimmer's flavourless score as being one of the most obvious and obnoxious of its deficiencies.

It will surely fall upon deaf ears … but I wish he would just please go away and hang up his scoring spurs. I am embarrassed to have kept the torch burning for him and his brainwashed acolytes at Remote Control for so long. Even their die-hard devotees must surely have noticed how little respect they show for their fans with consistently sub-par releases such as this.

This is the worst score album of 2011. Bar none.

Needless to say … soundtrack fans should avoid this CD release at all costs.

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Thank you very much for an honest review - I have also been getting tired of One-chord Zimmer lately, but it seems that any half large action production still has him delivering the absence of silence that is the "score". Sigh.

golden phoenix

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chris please dont hold back in your honest :laugh:


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I think this is the greatest review I've ever read.... Ever...

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