Shenmue 3 for the 360 & ps3


If they are the same videos as on youtube? they are fakes. I would love to see it come out but i can't see it happening which is a massive shame as i loved the first two to bit.


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they are so fake, shenmue online is real but its only going to get released in china, and not on ps3!! and why would they have a pack shot of the game in the 360 trailer, there is no way thats real.


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Why don't they just make this??

I want a conclusion to the Shenmue saga. Loved the first two games, wish they would do No.3 for the 360.

It could be Shenmue 360

I'd buy it.

(The Shenmue games were the final nail in the coffin for SEGA though, the first game cost 70 million to produce. this was at a time when SEGA was virtually bankrupt. You have to say, they went out in style!!)


i smell a rat :) fake me thinks
if you click on the ps3 one it say "exclusively" for the ps3,and yet an advert for the 360 :confused:

shame it was a great,great game

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