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ok, i need a new shelf to put my projector/dvd player/ps2 on but the only problem is that it needs to be about 15" deep. ive had a look round all the big places like b&q etc but they havent got any deep enough :(

not to worry i thought, ill make my own. getting the right sized piece of wood is no problem, but finding brackets that can support it is proving to be a pain.

my question is, can i buy brackets that are designed for a more shallow shelf as long as i dont get near the max load (all the eqpt should come to about 7-8kg if that helps)

cheers for any help :D


I have the same kind of question but my shelf only needs to be as wide as the projector and 80cm deep. The projector will be mounted underneath. This is because I can't ceiling mount it and to get the projector in the right place to fit the bit of wall it's going to project on would require it to be 80 (or maybe 100) cm closer. If anyone can suggest anything in the way of bracketing that would be much appreciated. I was thinking of normal bracketing with some sort of wire to support it from the wall (at an angle to the shelf) ... would this work?


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