Shelves are getting full so I'm looking for legal sites to buy tv series from....


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.... and possibly 1080p movies with dts/ma/truehd etc.... as that will save me having to buy blu's to take up space too

This is an old thread I'm reviving, I didnt want to start a new one.

A couple of site's: TV: Movies & TV

Though I think you need to live in the US for that one

Here's one I found today. Some you can stream and watch for free:
Watch TV Online Now: Streaming TV and Free TV online | blinkbox

You can purchase download's there too, I'm presuming it's all legal since your buying them.

There seems to be quite a few site's that offer movies and tv show's to purchase as a download, but I'm not really sure how to tell which are legal and which are not. I presuming is.

I'm mainly after TV show's myself, I have loads of dvd's of tv shows, but I use a media player to play them from a portable hdd after ripping them and shoving the discs and boxes taking up room space and my shelves are really starting to get full now.
I'd love to find some good value sites that I can purchase tv series from, but cannot decide on which one's are legal and which are not.

I see there are quite a few of sites if I live in the usa, but in the uk there is pretty much next to nothing.

Anyone else buy their tv series online via download and have some up to date recommendations other than iTunes?




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Obviously they would have to be drm free I guess as I want to put them on my external drives for use with my media players.



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You'll struggle to find any legal sites that are DRM free for downloads. I use Blinkbox all the time for movies - usually wait til their 99p Monday offer as they put 12 films up for rental at that price, and 1 is usually from only 2 weeks ago.

I imagine most people in your position (myself included) just backup their own discs to drives. Its the one area studios are only just understanding - TV shows which come with a digital download are hopefully going to continue to be the norm.


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That I have been.

Blink box is a pain as it is more a rental service than actually buying a product and has a certain statement that I do not like:

When you purchase a film at blinkbox you can watch it unlimited times forever, if you find that a purchased title has disappeared from your account contact support via the email link below.

Due to licensing restrictions, some titles may become unavailable for Watch Online on for an unspecified period of time, if you think this may be the case you should also contact customer support via email link below.

So even if you buy an entire series or a film, if their licensing for the content expires you have agreed that you understand that even though you bought it, you wont have access to it....and they wonder why piracy is common.

I am currently buying and ripping my own discs for my tv series (and movies) still, but it would be quicker for me to be able to buy a legal download (that doesnt seem to exsist in this country) rather than finding the time to sit there and rip the lot.
It's taken me about 2-3 years to rip every disc I own, we are very slowly moving into a digital age and this country really needs to catch up.

Why it is so difficult for them to let you buy and download digital content much like games and mp3 is freely available to buy and download drm free, I really do not know.
I mean they can and do have these streaming services, but I'm not wanting a glorified rental service and want to be able to use my content on any device I want, after all I paid for it.

Again, the pirate get's it all for free and are freely available to download and watch it all on whatever and where ever they want, it's about time the paying customer's had this option for the stuff they honestly pay for.

Making content available in this way they don't really have anything to lose.



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I know Netflix has a number of TV shows but you can't actually download them, you pay a monthly fee to stream content. Only option I am aware of is iTunes and Apple TV which has its own limitations. I know what I'd do, either rent the physical discs, or buy the physical discs then sell them once I had 'watched' them.
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It all comes down to piracy unfortunately - until they come up with a robust way of making it easy to download and store anywhere without losing the DRM, there isn't a 100% legal answer.

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