Shelly Dimmer 2 and retractive switch


This is my 1st dip into "smart" stuff.

Existing setup = One way dimmer for main bedroom light.

Smart setup = Smart switch with manual dimmer capabilities (to keep wife happy!)

I switched the electric off this afternoon and wired in my new Shelly Dimmer 2 to my bedroom light. Linked to Google a/c and could turn light on/off and dim via Google mini :clap: But the manual dimmer switch didn't work, only on or off :facepalm:

Here are the pictures of existing switch and what I tested with. All wiring was just temporarily and is back to original now as there is a noggin behind the light switch which stopped me installing a deeper backbox to accomdate the Shelly!

I bought a Varilight 2-way and off retractive switch from Screwfix and wired L1 to SW1 and L2 to SW2 (Switch to Shelly).





Seb Briggs

Distinguished Member
shallower or deeper back box ?

You could also try a switch extension box if too difficult to dig out more of the wall


Seb Briggs

Distinguished Member
Button Type
• One Button mode: the device is controlled with a single switch.

• Dual button mode: the device is controlled dual switch.

• Toggle switch one button: the device is controlled by a single toggle switch.

• Edge switch: the device is controlled with an edge on/off.


Great thanks for that, I remember seeing something about the button type now on one of your other posts I think! :facepalm:

The backbox in the wall is old and knackered so will get a new one as the earth terminal is shot. I'll feed the wiring for the Shelly through the backbox and sit it in behind the backbox on top of the noggin in the wall.

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