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I've read the instructions for the new Shelly 1L and I'm a bit unsure if using the Auto on / off, off / on, command will do what I want.

I've got a floodlight, with PIR, that I would like to include in my Alexa commands for my outside lights. The floodlight is constantly powered on and operates via the PIR. If I want to switch it on permanently then it has to be switched off then back on within 1.5 seconds. Does anyone know if this is possible with the Auto off / on command, it looks like it is.

However I assume the Alexa command would be "switch off", set the delay to less than 1.5 seconds and it would switch back on, hence switching the light on permanently. But I want it to be to be able to switch this floodlight on with all my other outside lights with one "switch on" command.

Any idea how?

Seb Briggs

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I don’t have a Shelly 1l yet but not sure I understand what you want to do , can you explain better without reference to smart lights.


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Having read the instructions again, it's the same for the Shelly 1 and the Shelly 1 regarding the Auto on/off and off/on commands.

See if this makes more sense.

Todays Floodlights with integrated PIR's, which don't have a second live supply, have a manual override such that by switching the power off/on to the Floodlight a given number of times within a set period will disable the PIR and switch the Floodlight on continually until either it times out due to its own internal timer, my case 6 hours, or the switching process is repeated to reenable the PIR control of the Floodlight.

To do the above with my Floodlight I must switch the power off then on again within 1.5 seconds. I believe this can be done remotely using the Shelly 1 or 1L by using the Auto off/on command with a delay of 1 second.

The Alexa command to the Shelly would have to be "switch off Floodlight", because I need to switch it off then allow the Auto off/on command within the Shelly to switch it automatically back on to enable the manual override. Should work fine if I've read and understood the instructions.

This is the problem.

I have other outside lights controlled by a mixture of Shelly 1's and smart sockets. To switch all of these together in one group with Alexa is simply "Alexa switch on garden lights".

I want to add the new floodlight to that same group but I can't see a way of doing it because the Alexa commands need to be different, one switch on the other switch off, unless someone can see a way of doing it that I can't.


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If anyone is interested I finally got the floodlight wired up today and it works ok with a Shelly 1. I used the Auto On command to enable Alexa voice control to switch the floodlight on permanently overriding the PIR. Used a 0.75 second delay. However as I thought the command has to be "switch off floodlight".

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