Shelly 1 PM Plus ‘over voltage detected’


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Recently I had a new electric towel rail fitted to a bathroom by an electrician. I got him to install a Shelly 1PM Plus at the same time. The Shelly is basically acting a smart isolating switch.

I don’t really use the Shelly much, it’s usually left on, and the heater is manually controlled using its own simple on/off/2hr boost panel. However I wanted the Shelly for the occasional times when wanted a timer or remote control, so that I could control it on cold winter mornings when I get up at 5am.

Anyway it’s been fine for the last few months. But it’s just suddenly started giving a ‘over voltage warning’ notification. The heater inst in use, hadn’t been used for weeks, so isn’t drawing any power.

What could be issue be? Is it faulty? Anything I can check in the app? Do I need to get the electrician in urgently?


Seb Briggs

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Is the firmware up to date on the Shelly module ?

Over voltage normally means that the power to the module (230v) is going over that . The tolerance is listed as 10% so possibly you are getting a spike. This could occur regardless of the towel rail being on or not as it a "constant" 230v feed to the module.


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Hi Seb, yeah it’s the latest version. After a reboot it seems ok so I’m hoping it’s just a glitch.


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Turned out it was a bug the firmware giving false reading. Shelly have released a firmware update for it now which fixes the issue.


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Mains voltage in the UK can go up to 253V and still be within spec.

Mine is often around 248V depending on time of day…

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