Sheevaplug Sees a 3TB disk as 800GB Problem


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I have a good, reliable media serving solution using a Sheevaplug running CIFS/SMB and an external 1TB but 1TB was no longer large enough so I bought a 3TB replacement. However, my Sheevaplug only ses it as an 800GB disk. Now I know about the limitations of MBR where the maximum partition size is 2.2TB and so the modulus of 2.2TB is the reported size (i.e. 800GB), but installing a GPT-compliant Debian image (Squeeze) provided by NEWIT for this job doesn't help and parted and/or gdisk both insist that the disk is 800GB in size.

The problem is not the disk (as far as I can tell) as I can quite happily format and use it under Windows 7 and OSX with the full 3TB and I believe that the Sheevaplug can support larger disks as I have found a few references to people that have done this when using a GPT-compliant image and parted/gdisk.

This is one of the few times when the internet/fora have not readily provided me with an answer and I am struggling to find out what it is that is configured.

If I partition the disk under Windows 7 using GPT then when I transfer the disk back to the Sheevaplug it complains that the partition table is corrupt because it is pointing to areas outside the area of the disk (i.e. >800GB).

Can anyone please help?



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Might be the BIOS needs updated?


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If anyone is interested, the answer was to upgrade to Wheezy. Despite what I had read and been told, previous versions of Sheevaplug Debian and Ubuntu did not have large disk support (but did support GPT).

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