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Hello can anyone help with this.Below is my enquiry to SKY,and later their reply,which to be honest is next to useless and does'nt address my problem at all.Can anyone tell from their experience whether it is the dish (LNB I beleive its called) or the Digi box.I have been informed that dishes are more prone to faults than receivers.If its the receiver I can just buy a new one,if its the dish then I suspect I need a Sky engineer up to realign and fix the dish.Just would like to know before I commit to an engineer.We've had SKY Digital for almost as long as its been available and the dish and box are the same ones as originally installed.We do not have SKY+.

Any help appreciated.:)

Enquiry :

I believe I may have a serious fault either with my Panasonic Digital Sky Receiver or my Sky Dish. Symptoms are as follows: 1)Persistent and Continual failure for the remote to obtain any channel.All I obtain is blue screen with the channel info I am trying to access.I get the same result whether I operate the remote or the receiver buttons. 2)To emphasise,this is continual and results in us having to turn off the power to try and access the service again.It then involves a period of inactivity (no sound,no response to channel selection) before being able to start watching again. 3)This routine will continue throughout the whole day.Quite often 2 or 3 times in succession.Changing channels is a lottery,as this is the most likely time for the fault to occur. 4)On occasions we are only able to obtain channels by manually inputting the channel number,as no channel menus are displayed at all.This however is not a guarantee that the channel will engage,and so again we have to turn off the power. 5) Furthermore there can be associated and frequent digital freezing and breakup,although this is transient it is can be ongoing and persistent. I would appreciate your comments.Would we need to contact our nearest Sky Dealer to check out whether a simple repair or replacement box/dish is required. If a new receiver is required I would need to cancel my subscription until such times as I reconsider any other cheaper and alternative options available to me. If a simple repair at a reasonable cost was adequate then then that would be the best possible solution. Do you know the best contact in my area regarding sky dealership/repairs etc. Regards


Thank you for your email concerning the viewing problems you have been experiencing.

We are aware that some of our Customers (with Panasonic (0F02) digiboxes) are experiencing problems when accessing their TV guide. Specifically, they are currently only able to receive 24 hours of channel listings.

If you are affected, you will receive the message 'searching for listings' after you have selected a specific genre from the TV guide and searched for listings beyond 24 hours. In the short term we recommend that, if you experience this issue to use the left arrow keys to return to today's channel listings.

This will enable you to view 24 hours of listings on all channels via the TV guide, selecting All Channels or any desired genre.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. We are currently working on a solution and we are hopeful that the solution will be available very soon.

Kind regards
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hi what i would suggest is that you ring sky and tell them that you want to cancell dont take the offer of a enginer to call and check for £65 telling them that the picture is poor and always freezing you might get passed about a bit but stick with it you could also mention that you instillation is now dated and you can not afford to update but might get a cheap freeview box it worked for me got a new ariel and box ( good luck )

if you want any more info e m me


A quicker and less stressful method would be to take the Sky box to a friend, colleague or relative that has Sky, and try it on their dish. Since the dish forms part of the receiver, it is almost impossible to tell whether the problem is in the dish or inside the box, without the aid of test gear. The LNB's in dishes tend to fail more often than the boxes themselves, because they are exposed to the extremes of our climate.


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i still think its better to let sky pay after all the are supposed to give you
equipment that is up to the standard to give you a good picture


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Thanks for the replies both...damn sight better than SKY's response.

I admire your balls ninegt,more power to you and well done.Maybe Nicks suggestion is more me.Just a born coward I suppose.

Now have I got any friends with SKY.Actually more to the point,have I got any friends?

Anyway thanks again,and I'm still totally confused about SKY's response to my original inquiry.I mean did they even read it?


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hey its not about having balls its about getting what you pay for if you have time look back through these threads and you will see other members have
been on to sky about the same thing SERVICE they will respond to keep your subscrption
nothing ventured nothing gained

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