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didn't Rudd and Brie originally deny there mcu castings too?

She Hulk show-runner head writer Jessica Gao was posting news about Maslany's casting on social media



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Surprised that they're getting Tim Roth back as Abomination, although interesting to see how he'll fit in. Maybe She-Hulk prosecuting/defending him in court?

Very skeptical that Daredevil will feature though, Fiege has made it clear he has no interest in incorporating the Netflix shows.


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She-Hulk is a legal comedy that centres on the eponymous heroine (Maslany), aka Jennifer Walters, an attorney who has similar powers to her cousin, Bruce Banner/The Hulk.

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Hope we also get Red Hulk


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And here we go again.

Twitter has exploded with outrage (see link) from Mother's Little Incels, over the upcoming 'She Hulk' TV show. They seem to be under the impression that they are turning Bruce Banner/The Hulk into a woman.

One actually used the words, "I'm not a sexist, but..." 🙄

If you scroll down to the comments from the Twitter twits, one even remarks that Stan Lee would be turning in his grave over this.

FUN FACT: She Hulk was created in 1980 by John Buscema and... er... Stan Lee.

Ignorant Dudes Are Freaking Out About She-Hulk Being A Woman


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The delayed Ms. Marvel and Moon Knight series are both scheduled to air before She Hulk so it will be a while before there's a trailer. I reckon the Ms. Marvel trailer will be released just before or after the last episode of What If? That's just my guess based on what they have done with previous trailers.

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