Shawshank Redemption, Midnight Cowboy and Straight Story

I dont think the shawshank has DD on it....... but i could be wrong since i cant find much about it either!

Got the region 2 version of The Shawshank Redemption, has definitely got a Dolby Digital soundtrack.

Mind you its one of my favourite films, so i would have bought it anyway :)
Ok then, im wrong! I do know that until recently there wasnt a region 2 DD version, which is why i have the region 4!


I think you'll find the R2 disk is Dolby Surround (3 channel) not DD5.1 as on the R1 & R4 disk.

Not a big deal for me (on this movie) but it makes all the difference for some.

Did i not hear talk of a new region 2 release with DD5.1 on it? Maybe it was just speculation

Well the box lists Dolby Digital and i checked it after i read your post and it seems to be outputting in DD from my amp. Maybe i have the newer version :)

TBH, Shawshank doesn't really benefit a great deal from DD, though i guess its nicer to have it if its there
My R2 Straight Story is DD5.1, bought from play some time ago. One of my favorite films, at least until I tried it in my brothers Play station2, side ways up and it scratched the bloody hell out of it. Either going to buy again or try a DVD fixing kit. Probably cheaper to buy again:(
Region 2 Shawshank is definately only Dolby Surround. It may say DD on the packaging, but I think VCI were confused and meant DD Surround, rather than DD 5.1. It was an early VCI release, and they have recently re-packaged it, but it's still the same transfer. Picture quality is awful by the way. I ended up ditching my R2 version and going for the much improved R1.

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