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Dan Baker

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Just come home to find the inside pane of our french door is completely shattered and continuing to crack. Quick search would suggest spontaneous shattering is not uncommon.

Have spoken to the company that fitted it and they have advised that it is unlikely manufacturer will honour the warranty due to it being a "natural phenomenon" they have also suggested that I go to work on removing the glass myself as its likely to eventually give out anyway.

- Anyone had similar experience and had a warranty replacement.
- I'm concerned if I remove the glass myself that it may weaken my position with claiming on warranty i.e. they will just say it was due to owner neglect. Any thoughts?
- Anyone know roughly how much it might cost to replace?




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You can tell where the glass has broken from due to the break pattern, it has broken from the opposite side to handle and just below the curtain tie back where the glass particles are most concentrated. Hard to tell from the picture but to me it looks like it the large pieces of glass just in from the handle are to big for toughened glass to pass the quality standard BS EN 12150. The "natural phenomenon" the are talking about are nickel sulphide inclusions (which will be still covered by the warranty), which this is not. It looks more like there is a screw on the inside of the touching the glass and it has shattered from the edge which is the weakest part. It will continue cracking and then start falling out and takes forever to clean up. Depending where you are it will cost roughly £100 to replace but I would definitely get the company back out. If you can't get anywhere with them, on the glass there should be a stamp with the toughened glass manufactures name or at least a ref no and accreditation body. If you can find out who toughened the glass and contact them they will take it seriously if it does fail BS EN 12150 on the fragmentation test and will replace it. Did the installer give you a Fensa certificate? if so you can also contact them.

Dan Baker

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Thanks so much very useful information.

I have found the stamp on the other door and it has been toughened by Ultra Tough Ltd so I will drop them a e-mail also.

I have a BFRC certificate but can't find a Fensa one but they are a registered Fensa company.

Thanks again


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Last Christmas, one window that had been fitted the previous May, cracked in a perfect arc from one lower corner to the other.

It was warranty covered. The fitter indicated that movement of an internal spacer was the likely cause. It was a common problem.

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