sharpness off or zero good or bad

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what hi-fi used to reccomened for what whatching dvd to put sharpness down to zero or off and i was wondering if any one has tryed this and if so does it make the picture better and more detailed?

i have tryed this but am not sure

so waht to u think is doing thing this good or bad?

thanks from 7 of 9


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Hi 7 of 9,

Sharpness is really used for old televisions where pictures' edge definition was really poor. TV manufacturers still leave it on there even though televisions have got a lot better.

Therefore, if you even adjust the sharpness, only adjust it up slightly if needed. I have an LCD and have set the Sharpness to -3 I think it is.




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You should set it at a point where you are happy with the picture, regardless of what preachy magazines say.


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There may be a "neutral" setting below which the display will actually smooth the image, so lowering it all the way can artificially degrade the sharpness.

The best way to find out where the sharpness is at its most neutral is by looking at a frequency sweep, such as found in the THX Optimizer on some discs. The intensity should be uniform across as great a part of the sweep as possible, but the higher frequencies in the sweep should still look fairly smooth.


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Every TV differs and some do offer a range between <softened> through to <artificially sharpened> with the neutral point in the middle, whereas others only offer artificial sharpening, and neutral is the zero or lowest setting.

As GreenBars says - it's your picture - you should be happy with it.

FWIW: Artificial sharpening is done in much the same way as edge enhancement on many DVDs. It adds a kind of thin halo around edges. Many consider this to be an undesirable "distortion" of the original image.


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Yes, if you like.

Or you could try just looking at films or TV or whatever and setting it up how you like it with a "real" picture.

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