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I was wondering if anyone knew why some dealers are advertising the Sharpe’s DVD Box Set with 14 disks and some with 8 disks all at similar prices. I thought there only about 8 made in total so why 14 disk is this a mistake? :confused:


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There are 14 Sharpe vhs versions.

I've seen the 14 DVD version here (avforums!) but not the 8 disk one.

A mostly relevant link .


Thanks your right.

I was going of the fact they did not film all his books (after he came back from India) but forgot they films some that where not in the original series of books.


I just bought a Sharpe box set for a tenner ... however that was
for 9 books




HB or SB, which books and where from?
Trouble is I have read them all. If you like Bernard Cornwell try his Harlequin book which I found very good. Just reading the Vagabond which is the follow up to it but so far it is not as good.


The Sharpe box set is 7 DVD plastic cases but as each is a double case it holds 14 disks as each episode is on a seperate disk. This is the same as Carlton also did with Inspector Morse. This was how it was presented in the boxset I looked at in MVC (they leave the empty on the shelves so you can have a look).

The stupid thing was it did NOT include the bonus 8th disk which is the 1 DVD disk documentary Sharpe's Legacy. If you had been buying individual disks this was a mail in offer with a voucher in each DVD and you had to mail all 7.

Now for a complete boxset you would think Carlton would include this 8th disk but no its missing and you still have to mail in for it.
Also there is no space in the box to put it !

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