Sharp Z200E not PAL progressive compatible


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Aug 30, 2003
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Is it really the case the Z200E has native PAL resolution horizontally but doesn't accept PAL progressive, ie. 576p???

The brochure certainly doesn't list that as an available input.
IIRC, the AE100 didn't list it either but it was accepted.

I imagine it's just an oversight in the brochure. Pal/NTSC progressive is available AFAIK.
I did consider the brochure was likely wrong, but web sites like Ivojo which advertise them also don't mention 576p or have the 'PAL progressive' flash on them.

Actually, after posting that I realised it was kind of moot anyway, my thoughts were that 576p would bypass the scaler but of course PAL is far less than 1024 horizontally so PAL would still need to be scaled I suppose.
Okay, call me stupid .. of course 1024x576 is native PAL resolution in 16:9 mode. :suicide:
It's definately PAL progressive compatible, I run our demo one at work off an Arcam DV88+ with no faults on PAL material. It shows up as 580p on the OSD though. It will also happily take 480/720p and 1080i material.
Thanks for that Richard, helpful.

Er, why does it show 580p? I've seen mention of that resolution somewhere else and was puzzled at the time but didn't query it.
I'm not sure to be honest. I'd imagine it just something to do with the fact NTSC PS is 480p, and someone just not bothering to change PAL PS to properly say 576p.

The Pioneer 433/503 used to say 580p also.

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