sharp z200,upgrade from z91e?


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i know spec wise its better,but will i see a big difference picture wise on a 70inch screen? player is a h.k.dv30.


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I think Nexnix have both for demo and brighton is pretty close to them. even the most well informed people on these forums cant answer that question better than seeing them both at a decent demo. out of interest have you bought a Z91e already or are you looking at buying one of the 2 and not sure if more money is worth it?

Bristol Pete

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The big difference will be the 16:9 panel which will give you a native pal resolution rather than the scaled 4:3 800x600 image that the 91e can offer.

Personally I would upgrade it. In theory you should get more info in the image, but as always the proof is on seeing it with your own eyes.

Cap :)


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thanks for the replies, mirablo i have a z91e hence i was considering selling it to upgrade to a z201(need the short throw version).
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