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Tom @ Cinehome

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I've been offered a brand new Sharp XVZ10000 for £4500.

Would people think this to be a good deal for a product only a year old max or should I bite the bullet and pay for an HD2+ chip?

What will the HD2+ give me over an HD2? How bad are rainbows on this PJ ?

Many thanks.



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Better contrast, slightly better picture quality...
That's the speal, but having seen the 2, the 10000 was better.
Don't know how high the price is compared to pricejapan.

Mike Antrum

Hi Tom,

I've just upgraded from an Optoma H56 to a Z10000. I nearly got the SIM2 Domino20, but my living room is somewhat smaller than the Albert Hall proportions necessary for a 7' screen.

Although I have only had it a week, I am over the moon with it. The PQ is a leap ahead, and the improvement with dark films is terrific. In Star Wars space is now black instead of dark grey. The picture seems to have a lot more vibrancy and power, and ambient light is much less of a problem. My wife at first thought I had got a bigger screen too, as the image has so much punch. Reds are really red (always a weak area). Detail levels are high, and you can sit much closer to the screen that you could before. To use the cliche - it is very filmic !

One thing to note however, is that the PJ is only slightly smaller than the mothership from Close Encounters, and weighs 9.5 kilos.
The remote is fab, and the menus are just very comprehensive.

Try and get a demo, as your own eyes are the only judge of seeing rainbows. I have never seen one on the Sharp, but I never saw one with the Optoma either.

Bargain !


Mike Antrum.

Tom @ Cinehome

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Mike, Daftboy - thanks for the info.

I have narrowed down my shortlist to: Sharp 10000, Marantz S3 and Sony HS20.

I have there 3 options: £2000, £4500 and £6800. I have to decide if rainbows will be bearable on the 2 DLPs. The Marantz has a stunning picture. The Sony is fantastic value for money and the Sharp is a compromise.

I'll let you know what I decide to buy.



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Hi Tom,

you may be interested in the following reviews:

here and here .

[Thanks to Messiah for the links supplied previously]

Like Mike [Hi], I've just invested in the Sharp Z10000. I'm a newbie so I cant offer any sound technical evaluation. What I can say is that I've been researching and viewing for the last 2 years on and off and, for me, the Sharp is up there with the best of them in terms of picture quality.

I've previously seen the Sim2 300 plus, the Infocus 7200/Tosh MT8, the Sim2 Domino, Infocus 5700, Runco DL5?? The HD2/HD2+ chip offered the sort of PQ that I really wanted but couldn't justify the expense of.

I recently went to view the new NEC HT1100 and was shown the Sharp Z200 as a head to head. I was impressed by both of them and was trying to decide which way to leap when I had the chance to view the Z10K. It was no contest for me. I had the luxury of being to able to view all 3 for 2-3 hours and the Z10k was stunning. The image quality for the desktop from an HTPC was fantastic with the higher resolution and as I intend to use a pc a lot both as a source and a gaming platform, this was a real bonus.

I did have to agonise over the size as it is a real beast but it does look the part.

If the info I've seen is correct then it is being discontinued after March 25th so this may well have an impact on pricing.

There are posts around from a few owners that have experienced flicker problems after 300-400 hours on their lamp but latest postings would suggest that these problems are related to specific batches of the lamp rather than the projector itself and it would seem that one or two other pjs are affected by this also.

For me, its an opportunity to enjoy a high-end pj at an affordable price and I'm over the moon with it. I'm still putting the room together so haven't had a chance to play much yet. I don't think you'd be disappointed but you need to view.

Hope thats of some use to you.


PS Many thanks to all the regular members who post - you've been a fantastic help so far even if you didn't realise it


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