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    I am now a proud owner of my first projector - a SHARP XVZ-91E.

    Having auditioned projectors such as Sim 2 and Optoma Themescene which were frankly out of my price range I was suitably impressed enough by a demo of a SANYO PLVZ1 to wait to audition the Z2.

    I made the short journey from Brighton to Horsham to visit Nexnix, and when I eventually found them I was very impressed by there efficiency and advice.

    I sat and watched the Z2 first and was very impressed by the improvements in image quality over the Z1, but something just didn't impress me about the way the image moved across the screen. I was happy but I didn't want to pass judgement until I'd seen the most rated 'under £4K' DLP projector from Home Cinema Choice.

    We switched to the SHARP XVZ-91E. Although not instantly impressed I found no initial gripes with the image and found it very pleasing to the eye. Within a matter of minutes I had decided that the picture to my mind was faultless, and I was more than happy to go ahead with the purchase.

    Delivery was prompt and I spent the weekend in delight starting to watch my dvd collection all over again! It's a cracking machine - and fantastically easy to set up! The deal with an electric 6 foot screen came to bang on £2K (don't tell them I told you so!)

    Two questions... what is the best quality connection from my NTL box to the back of the PJ bearing in mind that the component is taken by the dvd?

    And also - is progressive scan a decoding standard that will improve the image of all dvds?

    Thanks to Matt G at Nexnix
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    You could go RGB from the scart socket to the 15-pin connector with a syncblaster cable.
    I have no problems with the picture using my one, but some people are not to impressed by it.
    Your only other option is the S-Video connector, unless you want to by a splitter box for your component signal.

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