Sharp XV-Z91e vs. Panasonic AE 700



I have just convinced myself to dive into the world of projectors, especially since the major enhancements in terms of picture quality and presentation. Now the question is which one to buy. I have a budget of USD 1500. The available choices in my city are as follows:

1. Sharp XV-Z91e DLP
2. Sharp XV-Z201 DLP
3. Panasonic AE 700 LCD
4. Panasonic AE 785 LCD

The Sharp 91e and Panasonic 700 fall within my budget. Have seen the Sharp's performance (a friend recently bought one) and really liked the results. The question is: it has a native 4:3 chipset. Is that a problem? Secondly the resolution is limited to 600 x 800. What I have read so far tells me the I should prefer a 1024 x 576. I have yet not experienced the rainbow effect on DLPs so i guess they should do fine with me.

Coming on the AE 700, i have yet not personally reviewed or seen one. Have read various articles on it. Has gotten rave reviews so far. It has the 16:9 chipset that I want and the higher resolution deemed ok by experts. The point is, is LCD the right choice for a projector in this day and age of their life cycle?

How would the two compare together??? the sharp has vivid colors and excellent depth and blacks. Advantage of being a DLP. The sore point is that it is a 2yr+ old model (released in 2003) hence getting a brand new one so cheap.

The pany is a total newbie. But it's an LCD. Yet the advantages of better design tempts me.

Need direction - desperately!!



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If you're more into movies, then discard the Sharp. With a native 4:3 and res of 800 x 600, this hints at being more of a data/presentation PJ.
If you do a search for the AE700, you'll find that this PJ has excellent reviews on these forums.


Its quite a tough one the X201 was a £3k plus machine a few years ago so benefits from £3k+ engineering, if you are just watching dvds then maybe this is the way to go as it fits the natice PAL resolution nicley. With the price drops i was quite tempted myself as a stop gap for the next year but have my sights on something else at the mo.

If however you are into your hidef and gaming then the resolution of the AE700 will benefit you far more. It also depends on how long you wish to keep the pj and your preference over contrast etc.

I personally would not get the X91 as it is a 4:3 machine and too low res imo.

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I've never seen a PTAE700 so I can't compare, but I can tell you that the Sharp delivers an excellent picture with minimal RBE, satisfying black levels, no screen door from where I'm sitting and beautifully rendered colours for bugger all money.

The build on the thing is first class too.

The bad points? The fans are a little on the loud side, but no more than my PTAE 100 and the picture can be noisy with certain titles.

But on the whole, I'm pleased as punch. :D


I went ahead and bought the Sharp Z91e. Couldn't be more satisfied. The colors are rich and vivid. The visuals are 3-dimensional and very 'real'. R.E not encountered at all - have burned 15 hours on it already. The only issue is the screen that I have purchased. Not that great quality, but that's the only one available in the shops. Its a korean made, unbranded 100" electric device. The images on this screen at seems very dotted (not pixelated). Partly i blame the dvd player as well since it is not a high end machine either - am using a cheapo Pioneer dvd-373 with progressive scan. The progressive scan has really helped though. Have an older pioneer dvd-440 minus P.S too but i guess the difference would not be much.

Will keep you all abreast on further changes.

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