SHARP XR-10X not displayiong component image

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    Hi Everyone. I have a SHARP XR-10X Video Projector that I am trying to get to work with a Philips DVD player that has a component Progressive scan output on the back.

    On the DVD end of the cable I have the three component RCA jacks color coded Red, Green and Blue (Which I have plugged into the corresponding Red, Green and Blue Outputs on the back of the Philips DVD player) and the other end is a standard 15 Pin VGA (RGB type) connector that I have tried on all three of the 15 pin connections on the back of my SHARP projector. In each case I am getting a "No signal" Message.

    I have already verified that the all 3 of the 15 pin inputs work because I can get an RGB signal from a computer to the projector and that will display just fine.

    I have already set the internal settings on the DVD menu to "Progressive Scan" as opposed to "S-Video"

    Does anyone know if the XR-10X supports progressive scan, and/or what the problem could posibly be.

    Thanks HTMD (Home Theater in Maryland)

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