Sharp VCR Noise



I have just taken delivery of a Sharp VCR, model VCMH835HM. Picture quality and sound on playback are excellent but there is a very noticeable hum from the VCR. This hum is even there in stop mode. I know all VCR's make some noise but this is by far the loudest one I've ever heard and is annoying during quiet film moments. Anyone else had similar experiences? Is it standard on Sharp VCRs or have I got a duff model ?
I had exactly the same problem with mechanical noise. I assume the noise stops when the machine goes into idle mode. I sent mine back and replaced it with a JVC 7965 which was £30 more and has SVHS. It does have some mechanical noise but not the humming the Sharp had. It also seems to vary from tape to tape
Mechanical noise - or is it coming from your sound system?
As I said I had the same on my 835. It seemed to come from the head drum motor. Like you it was so annoying I sent the thing back. The JVC is a much better machine.
I have had the same problem with two 815s (I thought the first unit was faulty). Don't know how anyone could put up with it. Any suggestions for a replacement machine - I don't need S-VHS as it is only used for playing archived tapes?

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