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As you can tell from the topic heading, my video recorder is nothing special. I needed something to record and playback cassettes and that's exactly what it does. But I'm having a problem that I really need to find a solution for.

When I record using my video, the tape plays back perfectly using the same machine. But if I try to play it in other video recorders, there are problems. The picture is fine, but the sound is not that from the programme that was recorded. As I said, it plays back fine (both picture and sound) in my Sharp VC-MH75, but if I record a show for someone else, they are unable to play it in their machine due to the sound issue.

Tapes recorded using other machines playback perfectly in my video also (sound and picture).

So again, the only problem is playback on other machines of tapes recorded in my video.

I'm guessing there has to be a fairly simple solution to this. Is there a setting I should change in the setup process? Is there a button I can press somewhere?

Thanks for any help you guys can provide. I've got a bunch of relatives who are waiting for a copy of various family events on video, and until I can resolve this problem, I can't help them out which is part of the reason I bought a new video in the first place.
HiFi VHS (which is what I suspect you have here) has two soundtracks: The HiFi one (which is recorded magnetically mixed in with the picture signal) and a linear mono one which is there for compatibility with non-HiFi machines.

The machine should always record (and erase, for that matter) both together.

It seems that what you have here is a machine that isn't replacing the linear mono soundtrack when you do a new recording. And then when you replay the tape in a non Hi-fi machine, the "old" linear soundtrack is what's being played back.

This amy be an intentional feature of your machine, curable by changing settings or switches. However, if it is, it's fairly rare, I think. More probably, the machine is faulty, and the erase and possibly record heads used for the linear soundtrack aren't working.

If it is a fault and not a setting (check the manual) then I'd say.....VHS machines are so dirt cheap nowadays, if this isn't under warranty, then bin it and buy another. It isn't cost effective to attempt a repair.

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