Sharp tv always ask me on startup would I like to browse media files on the drive ( USB) ?


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I use Sharp SHARP 55BL5EA, I have some videos on USB Drive. I watch it rarely. But always when I switch on my tv I have to answer the question :
"Would you like to browse the digital media files on this drive, now ?" and push "right" and "ok" button. I use to use my tv sat tuner pilot witch can only turn on/off and volume my TV. That is why i always have to use my original pilot to turn on my tv.
This is NTFS 64gb usb flash drive.
How to disable this question ?
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This is a solution, but I was hoping that the manufacturer foresaw the option to disable this question every time the TV is turned on. I had several TVs before and never had to answer this question every time I turned it on. In addition, it forces the use of two remote controls instead of one (from the satellite TV tuner). Until now, for many years I have not used the TV remote control at all.


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Presumably Sharp think they are being helpful ! If there's an option to turn it off, it'll be in the TV's set-up menu. If not, then just disconnect the drive as suggested above. If the drive is rarely used, the message annoys you and there's no option to turn it off, then that'll be the only solution.

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