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When your new top-of-the-line TV only produces disappointingly average sound, you turn to soundbars as the solution. However, many of these sound systems come at an eye watering price tag.

But fear not, Sharp is here to upgrade your movie nights! Its new soundbars are precisely engineered to bring stunning 3D Dolby Atmos sound to your home viewing setup, at an affordable price point. The new HT-SBW800 and HT-SBW460 are beautiful, subtle soundbars that will bring the magic of cinema home, with the pinpoint sound that only Atmos systems can offer.


Dolby Atmos® is changing the world of cinema with the introduction of height to the movie’s audio. Now, thanks to Sharp’s two new soundbars, it is possible to bring home this 3D cinematic experience but without the additional speakers or expense of a traditional home cinema set up.

The HT-SBW460 includes a soundbar and a powerful, wireless subwoofer (no unsightly cables to worry about). The mix of different speakers in the soundbar's body creates a virtual surround sound system that will have you hearing directional noise without the added expense of further rear speakers.

With this model, the Atmos effect (vertical sound/height) is achieved through psycho-acoustics, in other words, a virtual effect achieved through advanced digital signal processing.


The soundbar is also a 3.1 channel audio system, which effectively means that it reserves a central channel of sound for voices - this means that even in scenes with lots going on, or explosions in the background, you'll always be able to hear dialogue nice and clearly.

With the HT-SBW460, Sharp has succeeded in creating a comprehensive home cinema sound system with an understated, sleek design – all for under £300.

If you’re looking for a few more features and a bit more power, you might want to consider the HT-SBW460’s big brother, the HT-SBW800. It's a full 5.1.2 system, giving you that extra bit of range to really immerse you into films or sports, and also comes with a wireless sub.

One of the main differences in its design is the addition of up-firing speakers, letting it more accurately reproduce height in its sound. The drivers bounce sounds off the ceiling, creating the illusion there are speakers above you. These are complemented by side-firing speakers to give a wider range in other directions. This could be considered "true" Dolby Atmos in that dedicated up-firing and side-firing speakers offer both vertical height and a wider, more precise horizontal soundstage.


“This soundbar delivers an expansive front soundstage with plenty of width and height” – AV Forums Recommended Award, AVForums review, May 2020

As noted by many leading reviewers, both soundbars are quick and easy to set up and effortless to operate. It is also worth noting that both the 800 and 460 feature two HDMI input ports and one HDMI output, capable of 4K-quality passthrough and ARC audio control. Hence you can use the soundbars as proxies for your TV's harder to reach HDMI ports.


These multitasking Sharp soundbars also provide the option of using them as home speakers. You can play music through them via Bluetooth, or through any of digital optical, aux, coax and USB cables, giving you a full range of options.

The HT-SBW460 costs £299 and is available here, while the HT-SBW800 costs £449 and can be found here.
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