Sharp SM-30 Amp Setup with Turntable


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I'm very new to HiFi/Turntable setups so please excuse if I get the terminology incorrect.

I'm trying to setup my turntable with an Sharp SM-30 amplifier with 2 speakers, which I am having issues with..

Please see attached the photo of my setup, I've plugged in the Turntable L/R connectors to the Aux input on the Amp. I've plugged the speakers in using the wired connectors as seen in the picture.

However, all I am getting is a quiet fuzzy sound out of the left speaker. I've tried using different wired connectors, swapping the left and right speakers and I'm out of ideas..

Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong here?


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Firstly has your TT got a phono stage built in? If not then you will need a separate phono stage as turntables won't work properly if plugged directly into an aux input. Also I would recommend tidying up that speaker wiring as I can't see what is going where. Why has one speaker got controls on it, is it active/self amplified? You can't normally amplify an active speaker.


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You appear to have a complete mish-mash & I would strongly suggest turning it all off & disconnecting everything.

As above the first error is that the turntable should be connected to the phono input, unless it has it's own pre-amp.

The speakers are apparently active & completely unsuitable for connecting to that amp.

The loose wires with the spade connectors are big bang waiting to happen, remove them.

If the turntable does have a pre-amp then you can connect it directly to the main speaker. The second speaker then connects to the first where you have the white wire.

If no pre-amp then you could use the Sharp just as a pre-amp. Connect the turntable to the phono input of the amp & connect the speaker RCA input to the amp's tape output. The amp will be doing nothing but amplifying the TT to line level to feed the speakers.

To make use of the amp you need passive speakers, with no amplification of their own. This all assumes that you haven't blown anything with the current setup.

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