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sharp or LG 32" LCD from Richer Sounds?



HI there.

this weekend i bought a sharp 32" lcd from Richer Sounds, the32p50E. I asked for a panel that was HD ready hoping to play HDTV and xbox360. Now, having checked the internet i see that it is not HD ready but HD compatible. what?

have i been mis-sold? richer sounds (who are, to be fair, being helpful) have said that perhaps the LG RZ-32LZ50 would be a better bet. With panel protection they both come in at just under a grand. My head hurts and i need help.

is the sharp just going to scale HD and would the LG give a better result or are there any better products. Will be most grateful for any help


Well-known Member
The P50 series is "pal optimized" and running at a native resolution of 960x540, lower than the 1280x720+ required for a set to be classed as "HD Ready"

It does however scale 720p and 1080i down to fit the panel, and I'd personally be quite interested in seeing how good a job it does. It will certainly be the best LCD out there for watching standard television broadcasts, and if it does a good job with the scaling, should still look fantastic with HD sources; just not quite as sharp or detailed as a 720p native panel.


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The Sharp 32P50E picture quality is optimised for Standard Definition (PAL/DVD) inputs. You are unlikely to get a better picture unless you buy a LCD set at nearly double the price such as the Panasonic 32LXD500. Not a bad choice at the minute unless you intend to invest in HD sources in the near future.


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YES - you have been miss sold, it is not HDReady. But is probably described as HD Compatiable, as it can accept HDMI signals and down scale. So it is slightly future proof, but there is little benefit in downscaling 720p, compared with 576i RGB out of your Sky HD box.

To be HDReady it must have at least 720 lines, the P50 only has 540 lines.

However it reportedly looks really good with Standard Definition playback.

The Samsung's get favourable comments, check out the threads.


Active Member
Yep, agreeing with Rocky, you've been mis-sold.

You state that you bought it with HDTV and xbox 360 in mind, so the TV will NOT do those sources justice. You will not see the picture quality you are paying for when you invest in your HD sources.

Take it back and get a refund, then look at the Samsung sets. Everyone seems to love them, although stock might be a problem due to the popularity. Also investigate the latest 32"ers from JVC, Panasonic, and Toshiba. They're also around the £1k mark.

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