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To anyone thats interested from Friday 24th sharp are dropping the prices on the following products. Ive estimated the retail discount as I only know the trade prices.

LC32GD8E -£60
LC37GD8E -£100
LC32GD9E -£100
LC37GD9E -£150

So if you are interested in any of these I'd give it a week so that the prices drop, these reductions are a conservative reduction so some companys may offer more discount than these.

Hope this helps :)


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fantastic...just wish there is a retailer whom i can pm with JL especially lc37gd9e as so far i can't find one shop who sell this...(plenty of web company but no shops)


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and its already starting to happen lc37gd9e...
JL @ £1295 (a drop of £200)

crampton and moore £916.50...if only JL could pm (tried several times), however thier own 5 year warranty is only some £180..thats tempting ..just waiting for a few days to see what others are doing............:clap:
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