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I read with interest the HCC review of the Sharp Aquos 30" WS LCD TV in this months issue. Looks like just what I need I thought. But then I noticed the price.....£5500. Oh.

Out of curiosity I looked it up on www.unbeatable.co.uk and the have it for a little under £3k. Thats £2.5k less than RRP.

Is this right? If so, surely it's a bargain. None of the drawbacks of plasma like screenburn and extremely long life. There is the viewing angle bit but this will be an every day TV for general viewing. The rolldown screen comes out at night and we fire up the PJ.

Anyone got one and if so, what do you think of it?



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Mooooving to LCD forum. :)


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Looks great

I was wondering how good it would be as a PC monitor - has 1280*782 resolution. - does anyone know if that would work.



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Viewing angle: If the 30 is as good as their 22, it is watchable (and I MEAN watchable) for about 170 degrees in both planes ie horizontal AND vertical. It is better in this respect than any previous LCD I've seen.

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