Sharp LC42XD1E or Samsung LE40R74BDX


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Ok, i'm in a dilemma. I was looking at the Sharp LC42XD1E earlier and was taken in by it's 1080p display, for 1,024 pounds. I was looking forward to connecting the Toshiba HDE1 player to it, when i found it doesn't output 1080p, and now i'm wondering if i really need 1080p. The tv is for my living room, and it will be hooked up to the HDE1 only (output in 720p/1080i), and sky tv.

Now, it would be nice to futureproof the set, but the Samsung LE40R74BDX is about 250 pounds cheaper, but only runs at 720p. The catch is, i have one (the 26" model) in my bedroom, and I have all the picture settings perfect, and so the 40" version would essentially be plug and play.
I have also heard that the Sharp has had some problems.

The question is, is the extra money worth the extra 2 inches, the futureproof (as bear in mind i will not be using 1080p yet, only when one of the HD formats wins the war and I may upgrade to a 1080p player) and the unknown? Or should i play it safe and go with the Sammy?
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I have the Sharp it's a great TV, saw the Samsung in Richer Sounds when I was choosing, didn't like it compared to the Sharp (but that would be a personal preference). I bought the 1080p because I wanted to use the Xbox 360 on it only to find out the TV doesn't accet 1080p over VGA, despite that the TV is great and I'm happy with my purchase none of that post purchase depression for me. I also wanted to 'future-proof' as much as possible.

Performance on SD is always gonna be a bit of a disappointment with LCDs, to really appreciate this TV you need an HD source.

Saying all that it looks like Sharp are discontinuing the model, so when stocks run out that's it, price may go up from now on.


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Thanks for the info. I do have a few more questions about this set.
How bad would sky look, bearing in mind sitting position will be about 10-15 feet away from the TV?
How good do upscaled dvds look?

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