Sharp lc42x20e used with sony RHT G500


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Hi Guys,

Real new to all this leaving the next at home so have bought all my entertainments systems.
1. Firstly I want a blue ray player , I know I can get a Sony player for around £200, I was wondering would I not be better off getting the PS3 for an extra £100. I don't play a lot of console gaming but think paying the extra £100 would be worth it, for the odd occasion I do! What you guys think? Will it be the same quality as a standard Blu Ray player?

What display settings work best on this model of Sharp LC42x20e?
What cables do I use to Link these three systems do I need 2 HDMI Cables?
I was thinking a HDMI TO THE PS3/Blu ray from TV, then a optical from TV to stand/sound system?

I know a lot of questions any help would be great





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Any Help please!

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