Sharp LC32GA4e dvi to pc settings..


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Hi, i have an ati radeon 9500pro outputting via dvi to my new lc32ga4e...have chosen 1366*768 resolution via powerstrip,have chosen' pc digital input '+'dot by dot'(is this correct?)..all looks well on my pc monitor and on lcd until i try to play a hidef movie with windvd..suddenly the lcd screen output shrinks the movie onto the top of the screen leaving the lower half blank...any ideas??


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further to this..powerdvd6 will play fullscreen though has very jerky playback..cant figure out why windvd is affecting lcd screen?


I'm not particulary familiar with the subject but I guess your windvd will try to play fullscreen in the native resolution, if you try to play with Mediaplayer, does the same happen?


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