Sharp LC26GA4E Widescreen and Picture settings



It seems that the most popular single LCD television is the Sharp LC26GA4E judging by the number of posts on it! I also have one and can vouch for it being a beautiful piece of kit.

The only problem I am having is fine tuning the picture settings, specifically the blackness of the blacks. Now I know blackness isn't one of LCDs strong suites but I am trying to achieve a setting that gives me nice dark blakcs (rather then dark greys I am getting now) without setting the backlight to -8 and getting dark blacks but giving everything a depressingly unlit mood.

I guess what I am after is dark blacks but good brightness elsewhere where there is light scenes to be handled. Am I asking too much? As I am a complete novice with regards to fine tuning, could I ask the chaps on the forum what your best settings for general use (DVDs etc) on this TV are?

A secondary question is for standard 4:3 TV and XBOX material, I am wanting to use the full width of the screen, but without stretching things obscenely: At the moment I use "panorama" setting for this. Is this correct?


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There's a post here about settings, the one i posted works brilliantly for me, but all room lighting is different so it may not work for you, trial and error i'm afraid

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