Sharp LC26GA4E via 6600GT DVI help please

Discussion in 'LCD & LED LCD TVs Forum' started by hoyin, Feb 19, 2005.

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    I had it all working fine then I decided to reinstall Win XP.

    Bad mistake, now I cannot get the resolution to work correctly.

    So some help would be appreciated.

    Want to get 1:1 pixel match using forceware nVidia drivers latest version 71.81.

    After a lot of headache I managed to get a 1368x768 at 60hz output from the 6600gt. But I then realised that actually it was not really displaying that. Because if you clock on device adjustments it shows it as monitor scaling and not a centered output.

    It clearly states that the max resolution is 1280x1024.

    Therefore my LCD is doing the scaling. If I set it to centered output it displays a 1280x1024 picture.

    So it is set at monitor scaling, which is not right.

    In addition I lose about 1 inch of the picture on both side of the screen.

    I can't figure out why.

    Someone help :lease:

    Can someone post their advanced timing settings? I have got it working before .. and I am confused as to why I cannot now.
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    I was having a similar issue to this on friday night (Up till 4 in the morning) I have a 37ga4 and had a gforce fx 5220 (or Something like that) I did a lot of looking around on the web about this. The reason that you have this problem is down to the Nvidia drivers they read in the EDID sent by the display and then don't allow you to overide the max resolution.

    I think that it is possible with some newer nvidia cards to get around this now, but I can't remember which ones. Look on the nvidia forums and make sure you have the latest drivers from them.

    If you know all this and are just after the timings do a search on this site for "powerstrip GA4" someone has allready posted timings.

    My solution to this problem was to get up on saturday morning go to Maplins and buy an ATI card. But I am a very impatiant person :) Good luck.

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