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Bought this cheap and cheerful UMC based TV in Asda for the spare room. Reason for choosing this set was because it had a satellite (not Freesat) tuner in addition to the terrestrial one.
Got it home and RTFM and surprised to see no mention of the satellite mode although the box had DVB-S2 on it and there was an F socket.
Anyway connected an aerial and my satellite dishes (several via a diseqc switch), selected UK and did an auto terrestrial setup. It found all the DTT SD and HD channels and a few analogue ones I have security cameras on. So far so good. Went into the satellite mode and perused the menus. Was able to set up the diseqc switching and do a blind scan on the various satellite feeds I have. It found over 2000 channels. Now to bring the important ones to the top of the list. Try as I might I could find no means to move the channels about.
Admitting defeat I phoned the Asda helpline but they could not help either. So phoned UMC. Pointed out there was no satellite instructions in the manual and asked how to edit channel positions. They could help either and suggested I bought as external satellite receiver. I pointed out that if I wanted to do that I would not buy a set with a satellite decoder built in. Also asked if there would be a software update to add this essential feature and suggested the manual was updated to include satellite instructions. The answer was no to the first question and noted to the second.
So I boxed the set up ready to return it next time I go to Asda.
However today, nasty cold and snow outside I decided to have another go and try to crack it.

And the answer set it up with Ireland as the country not UK. (Possibly other countries as well though I have not tried it.) It is menu, settings, channel, channel edit, yellow button. I could not believe that I had missed it at first and rescanned in UK mode but the yellow box was no longer there.

So, are there any disadvantages in doing this? Not really. True is says Saorview rather than Freeview when selecting DTT and you don't have the option to select region when setting up. On the other hand the LCNs remain correct on DTT (no channels in the 800s) and you also get the additional facility to edit channel positions on DTT (thus can swop the first 5 HD and SD channels) which you can't in UK mode.

I imagine the thinking was to remove the channel edit facility on Freeview (to keep Freeview happy) and it unknowingly affected satellite as well.

So what is the set like now it does what I want? Well it is very s-l-o-w in response in satellite mode, almost unusable. I guess there is insufficient memory when there are over 2000 channels. May try deleting all the rubbish, but will probably still return it.
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There's lots of people who have satellite on their tvs that don't know it's there. Obviouly if I'm installing a satellite system I'll notice there's an f connector (or two) on the back when connecting up. Most have software that is not as good as a decent satellite receiver & no 3rd party software so might not get used much if there's a decent sat stb in place

but IMO it's useful at this point in time for adding 4k/UHD satellite broadcasts and feeds to an exsisting HD box.

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