Question SHARP LC-48CFF4041K stuck on Sharp logo (start-up). Advice please!


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Hi everybody! This is my first post on here so hopefully I'm in the right place!

Basically last week my Sharp TV (LC-48CFF4041K) stopped working. The unit is 2 months old so of course I'm a little peeved off. Here's a rundown of what happened. Hopefully someone can shed some light on the cause of the issue.

* TV was working fine (I actually have another one the same model and age that gets used way more than the one that's now acting up). Xbox plugged in, nothing else. Played games a few times, watched a couple films, the usual. Like I said, this TV gets used a lot less than our other one which is absolutely fine and showing no bad signs at all, which it shouldn't at 2 months old!!

* The other day I decided it's time I plug the aerial in so we can watch Freeview (Great British Bake-Off has started!) I plugged the aerial in, no problems. Tuned it up. No problems. Then I went to turn off the TV with the remote and it had a delayed response, took a few attempts before the TV shut down, but of course I had pressed the Standby button a few times, so TV turned itself back on. After turning it off the second time, it stayed off. I thought it was a bit strange, maybe the remote was playing up, so I didn't think anymore of it.

* The next day, I came to turn on the TV and when I turned it on at the wall it started up from standby all on its own, which I thought was strange. The red light that came on, turned itself blue without the remote or power button on the panel being pressed. The SHARP logo came on, but stayed on. Stuck on the Sharp logo for about 30 seconds to a minute and then turned itself off again, only to turn back on AGAIN and repeat this process.

* I tried everyday and still got the same results. On, and off, and on again. In a loop. I went straight to Google to find the answer and people kept saying that the mainboard needs to be replaced. This is a job I have done before on another TV so I thought I would give it a go. No luck. I still had the same issue. I thought I should try replacing the power board too, again no luck.

If anyone can give any advice as to what is actually wrong with this TV then please let me know. It will be greatly appreciated. I have a little bit of experience with electronics, not enough to diagnose the problem/cause of the issue, but enough to give a repair a go.

Thanks for reading,



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You state the Tv is 2 months old so it will have a guarantee.
Contact wherever you bought it from.

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