Sharp LC-40SH340K Coaxial Output Issue


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Greetings to all,
My Sharp LCD TV is connected to my surroud sound amp (Yamaha RX-V357) using an optical coaxial cable.
when playing a 5.1 DVD (Toshiba DVD player linked to TV via HDMI cable) the sound signal being received by the amp is only 2.1

Any ideas why the amp isn't receiving a 5.1 signal?

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Your TV has coax SPDIF, not optical. It's very possible that it won't pass through 5.1 from an external source. From recollection, not many did when that TV was produced.

May be worth getting hold of another Coax SPDIF or optical TOSLINK cable and connect that direct from DVD to receiver. Leave SPDIF between TV and receiver for normal use.
So HDMI from DVD to TV for video and SPDIF or TOSLINK from DVD to receiver for audio.


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Many thanks for a such a prompt and helpful reply.
I've connected the DVD to the amp and now have surround sound!!!

I've ordered a toslink cable to connect the xbox one to the amp as well

Thanks again
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