Sharp LC-37GD7E?


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Had its predecessor, the GD1, and it was a superb TV. A plethora of adjustments to tailor the image to your satisfaction has been somewhat watered down and the tilt and swivel stand is now fix, so others have said here.
Newer faster panel should keep everything the same or better than the GD1, so I can wholeheartedly recommend it.
Equally, the JVC C range from last year impressed me in-store with split and boosted terrestrial signal. So, I'd be very surprised if the current DS6 range were worse.
Given that both have excellent RF units, watching 1-5 whilst recording cable/satellite will not be a problem or struggle - the image looked perfectly fine.
As with all things LCD, poorer broadcasts can look absolutely dire, but that's something you'll have to accept until those productions are made better.
One example is football - all too often the grass will look like pea soup whilst the camera tracks (pans) the play - I thought this was the one area of weakness on the Sharp. Needless to say, noticed exactly the same thing on my 10+ year old Nokia TV, so it proves it's the transmission that's at fault.
Otherwise, two cracking TVs, and you'll be more than happy (I presume) with either once set-up.
By yourself DVD Essentials, and use it to set the adjustments. From there, you can tweak them if something is not right looking on the broadcasts across the board. Some output may be poorly set, so you'll need to adjust the colour level or temperature/tone to make it more palatable.

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