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Sharp LC-37GA9E & Sky HD - Picture Problem


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I've had my Sharp LC-37GA9E for a couple of months now and set up my a new Sky HD box this morning.

I know the Sharp isn't the most expensive TV around but all the reviews I read said it still handled HD well. I have to say I am shocked by the amount of on-screen noise I am experiencing when watching both HD and non-HD channels via HDMI.

I am using the HDMI cable supplied with the Sky HD Box - surely that cable can't be the reason?

Virtually all the picture-related Menu options available on the Sharp are greyed out when HDMI is the source being used, so I can't even deploy DNR to help solve the problem.

This is not the High Definition picture-perfect experience I had been anticipating.

Has anyone any advice, has anyone experience similar problems, can anybody help me because I am sat here gobsmacked by a picture that is too poor to accept and not as good as the Sky+ via a SCART picture I was watching on the Sharp previously.


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I am using the HDMI cable supplied with the Sky HD Box - surely that cable can't be the reason?

It shouldn't be, but it could be... do you have access to a different cable to try and at least eliminate it as the problem?

What settings do you have on the Sky HD box?

If you connect the Sky HD box via component leads, is the problem still the same? You can still watch in HD via component. Some people do find that their digital HDMI connections are grainy compared to analog component. This would help you establish if the problem was specific to HDMI, or to Sky HD in general

If you connect it via Scart is the problem still the same? I know that won't be HD, but again it helps to eliminate possible causes of the problem.


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Unfortunately I don't have access to another HDMI cable at the moment or even Component leads but I've attached a SCART lead and flicking between the two sources I can confirm that the on-screen noise is not evident when viewing pictures from the HD Box via a SCART lead.

Indeed, the pictue via the SCART lead is a clear, if albeit standard definition, pictue.

The Sky HD Box was set to output on 1080i but I've just amended that to 'Automatic'. It's not made any difference, the noise is as clear as ever but is that the right thing to do anyway or should I leave the setting as 1080i?

From what I've been able to tell you do you think the fault may well lie in the HDMI cable or is a HDMI / SCART comparison not a comprehensive indicator of what the proble may be?

ps I've just ordered a 2m Monster HDMI400 Cable at a cost of £90 and it will be here tomorrow so if it is the cable that should take care of that!


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I'm really at a loss with this as I'm reading so many posts from people finding Sky HD to be perfect out of the box and yet I'm sat in front of a £1,000 TV right now looking at noise lines flickering all over it when viewing HD through HDMI at 1080i.

When I flick to a non-HD channel the output reduces to 576p and the picture is fine, no flickering at all (but still a transmission through the HDMI connection).

Where on earth could the problem be?


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Latest upate - Monster cable has made no difference so must be either the HD Box or the Sharp TV.

I have a Sky Engineer coming out tomorrow but am in the middle of a little experiment.

Yesterday I turned the TV on from cold when the Sky HD Box had been on for some time. I immediately tuned to a Sky HD channel and the picture was perfect for about 5 minutes then it started to deteriorate.

I wonder if this indicates a problem with the TV once it has warmed up so today am I going to try the same experiment in reverse (Sky HD from cold when TV has already been on for some time) to see if the HD picture is immediately poor.

If it is, I would deduce that the problem is either with the panel on the Sharp TV or the TVs HDMI connections.

The only question marks hanging over this theory though are:

a) if it is a problem with the panel then why isn't the problem evident when viewing transmissions via other sources (i.e. Sky from the same HD Box is fine via SCART)

b) if it is a problem with the HDMI connection, what are the chances of the same problem existing with both HDMI connections on the Sharp (it has two) - which it does!?

If the problem I have is with the Sharp (which is approximately 12 weeks old) do I contact Sharp to request they send an Engineer or do I contact Domestic and General (with whom my extended warranty for the TV exists)?

If I need to contact Sharp does anyone know the best number to contact when such a serious problem arises with such a new TV? Ideally I would rather avoid having to return the TV to company I bought it from (DigiUK) as:

a) I dont have the original packaging anymore

b) do not want to incur the cost of return

Any/all advice greatfully received


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The obvious would be to get your SkyHD box replaced first. Then if it still plays up then its the TV. I have a three year old Sharp 26" and my HD plays flawlessly.

Fortunately Sharp seem to be quite good when it comes to customer problems so you should be on the receiving end of some good support, weather it's an engineer coming to visit your home or if its to have your TV replaced (if youve had it for under a year).


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Yeah thanks Dan.

I'm going to ask the Sky Engineer to replace the Box and test everything when he comes tomorrow. If the problem still exists then it can only be the TV so I can hopefully get that sorted with Sharp as soon as possible.


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The problem is with the TV and Sharp have said they will send somebody out to repair it in the New Year but they will not replace it as a Manufacturers Warranty only provides repair, not replacement.

They said I should speak to the company I bought the TV from if I want it replaced (but they also said they doubt they would replace it).

So you spend a grand on a HD Ready TV that won't display a HD picture and the Manufacturer only offer to repair it and refuse to replace it!

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