Sharp LC-37GA5E


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Sharp LC-37GA5E is this tv any good?

need it for
playstation 2
playing pc on it (mainly games)
and i really want to know if its any good for watching football( i dont want any blur)

thanks for your help


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I have a Sharp LC37AD1E which replaced a Philips 32" pixel plus CRT. No comparison, the Sharp wins by a mile!!

The ball in flight used to stutter like mad on the Philips, on the Sharp I can actually see the markings on the ball rotating as it's moving through the air.

The Sharp is the nearest thing I've ever seen to give the effect of watching through a window.

This is only my opinion though. It's been said on these forums ad nauseum, it's a very personal thing and you must view for yourself.

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GA5E's don't have a D-sub or DVI input... so you can't connect your PC. :(

Search for a GA4E or GA3E instead. Motion blur is no problem with the sharps <16ms would be enough to prevent it and sharp has an electronic feature that reduces motion blur even more when turned on (Quick Shoot).

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