Sharp LC-32P50E - What others should I look at?


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Hi All,
Looking into buying a LCD screen. I've been told by my dealer that the Sharp is one of the best.
Having seen one in Comet yesterday I thought it was pretty poor compared to CRT.
I know places like that don't do themselves any favours but is a good one really comparable to CRT?
Sorry for the ignorance but i'm not well informed when it comes to TV's....


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The answer you get to this will depend on peoples individual prejudices, which we can tend to regurgitate as fact rather than opinion on this board sometimes. Human nature, I think. My personal view is that CRT tv's have loads of faults. They're just different to the faults of LCD's and plasmas. It depends on what you can live with and what you've grown used to. Some people buy LCD's then examine the picture microscopically to find fault - in which case they will certainly find some. I've had a lot of tv's in my time (I have six right now) and I've never had a single one, CRT or otherwise,that I couldn't find loads of faults with. That doesn't mean I don't enjoy watching the picture on 'em though. It also depends on what you want to watch on them - some people's viewing habits will never even bring out faults which others find impossible to live with.
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