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Sharp LC-30HV4E / LC30/32GA3E

Discussion in 'LCD & LED LCD TVs' started by kid, Nov 23, 2004.

  1. kid


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    People help me. I am about to purchase a 30/32" LCD. Probably the Sharp (who isn't?). My "problem" is that I want the set to have a separate unit/tuner as I wish to recess the cabling and only have space for a couple of cables. I don't have room for numerous SCART leads etc to be trailed through the tiny conduit I have already recessed I have created. The older Sharp model solves this problem beautifully with the separate AV input box and a single lead going to the TV thereafter, but the newer model(s) have it built in of course.
    Question is.. does anybody own the older Sharp and how does the picture quality compare given the extra 300 points in ration the newer models have?
    Anybody seen both models? I realise also, that sourcing the older model might not be so easy if at all possible.
    Recommended, CURRENT alternatives (with separate AV unit) also considered.
    All opinions welcomed.
    Thanks. :smoke:

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