Sharp LC-30HV2 and Pioneer DVD problem


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I have a problem with my Sharp 30" LDC tv accepting progressive scan signals from my Pioneer 868 DVD player.

Essentially, when I use progressive output from the DVD player the picture initially loses a noticable amount of colour. That alone wouldn't be too bad because I could just adjust the colour parameters on the player and keep progressive scan engaged.

The bigger problem, however, is that after 30-60 minutes of watching the picture begins to 'wobble'. It then starts to shake quite a bit and begins to distort at the top of the screen. It basically becomes unwatchable. If I switch progressive scan off the problem immediately goes away. This problem never appears in interlaced mode.

Has anyone else with a LC-30HV2 tv experienced a similar problem? Does anyone with this tv use progressive scan successfully? Does anyone use this combination of tv and dvd player successfully?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I'm currently living in South Korea so language difficulties mean I can't get much sense out of the local dealer.

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