Sharp LC-26GA4E - strange acting remote?


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Hi guys, I've had my Sharp LC-26GA4E for around 10 months now. Lovely set however within the last couple of weeks the remote has started to act funny. Basically you can switch the set on however you can't do anything else (whatever button is pressed on the remote) for around 15 minutes. After 15 minutes or so though everything goes back to normal. I've tried changing the batteries (although this wouldn't explain how you can switch it on in the first place) to no avail.

Has anyone else experienced something similar?

Thanks, Nick.


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Hi Nick,

I've got a 32GA3 but I don't use the TV remote as I've got an All-in-one Mosaic. I haven't had any problems with the remote receiver so maybe it's the remote. Give Sharp Service Centre a call.

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