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Hi All,

I recent won a Sharp soundbar at work, not something I would normally have purchased myself (more over, not something my wife would want me buying). Setup seems fairly straight forward, plugged Xbox into HDMI input 1, PS4 into HDMI input 2, HDMI output into TV and finally an optical cable between TV and soundbar (I would prefer to use ARC for this, as the soundbar only supports certain audio formats over HDMI).

My question is, the device has 4K pass thru, and the manual seems to indicate it supports 4k HDR pass thru, but as soon as I introduce my soundbar into the mix, my consoles start reporting that the TV does not support HDR and certain modes like 10bit colour at 50 and 60hz are not supported. Is there anything I can try / do to remedy this?

If I plug the consoles straight into the TV it isn't a problem.

I don't want to remove the soundbar from the setup, as it sounds so much better than the default TV speakers, but I also don't want to lose any graphical output of my consoles.

I'm using a Samsung UE49RU7300k TV (which doesn't seem to support HDR on Hdmi 3, and HDMI 3 is the only port that supports ARC, which is what I wanted to use for audio from TV/Sky Q into the soundbar).


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Have you confirmed HDR works via the Soundbar into one of the other Inputs on the TV?

TV - worth confirming if you can manually enable HDR on Input 3.

TV Optical Out - if Source > Soundbar > TV does support HDR on another Input try using the Optical connection between the TV and Soundbar for SKY and the TV audio.

HDMI Switch - you could add one on the Input side of the Soundbar to allow you to have all of your Sources devices going via the Soundbar.



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Hi Joe,

thanks for your input, it was really helpful.
I did indeed need to go to Settings > General > External Devices > input signal plus and turn it on for hdmi 3. It has made everything play together nicely and working exactly as I wanted.

thanks again

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