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Sharp GX10i Wap Alerts, Vodaphone Live & 24 Soundtrack Ringtone! Please Help!

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones Forum' started by h0l1yw0od, Apr 12, 2005.

  1. h0l1yw0od

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    Nov 16, 2000
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    Does anyone know... ummm... anything about Vodaphone Live and WAP settings on the Sharp GX10i?

    Firstly, I've had the phone for nearly 2 years now and have never bothered paying out for ringtones or using the Live/WAP functions, purely as i assumed it would be costly and kind of useless to me.

    However, and i guess, secondly, i decided to treat myself to the 24 CTU Intercom ringtone advertised in the CD Cover of the soundtrack as, lets face it, '24' rules!

    So i ordered the tone and it arrived via what i assume is a WAP alert/message. I selected List of the main screen when it arrived and saw a message but when i select it nothing happened. Starting to panic that credit was fast going down the drain i cancelled the screen (using the 'Right Soft Key').

    Now my phone shows that i have a WAP message but i cannot get back to it. I've never set any sought of internet settings up on the phone and the manual to it seems to have left out any useful information on how to set the thing up!

    The only thing i can find is that under Settings>Internet Settings>WAP Settings there is an entry for Vodaphone Live.

    All i want to do is open my new ringtone and get to run around pretending to be Jack Bauer!

    In trying to find help on the Vodaphone site I came across the whole 24 Conspiracy thing. Apparently even though my phone can't play video i should be able to go to New>24 Conspiracy and get wallpaper and ringtones. Although i obviously don't want to pay for a second ringtone the same as the one sitting in the WAP universe i thought i'd take a look but when i click on the 24 conspiracy option, and as it turns out any option, nothing happens.

    The only thing is that sometime the GPRS logo flashes. I've left this for a few mins but it doesn't stop and theres no message saying 'working'.

    So after all this, can anyone tell me how to figure this phone out and get my WAP message?

    As an aside, i've received animated MMS messages from friends in the past only they don't move. Is this connected?

    Hoping someone out there can help... :lease:

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