Sharp Ga5e Cable Advice Required


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Aug 7, 2005
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Can any GA5E owners let me know what cables you have used in the set up.

I have a Samsung ntl box and a Sharp video/dvd combo.

Any advice would be appreciated.
Is there anybody out there...............
i have the 32" GA4E and connect my ntl cable box via an Ixos XHT801 lead(approx.£50 from Richer Sounds locally)...i also have a Denon 1910(now upgraded to 1920) dvd player connected via dvi lead purchased from here
i use a digisender gold unit to send both cable and dvd player signals(incl. remote extender) to my bedroom Wharfedale 17" Freeview LCD(bought from Argos-£299) without need for wiring
the quality of the pics from the Sharp varies depending on which cable channel im watching - from poor(pixelated to hell) thru to stunning(some cable channels sometimes,the Denon dvd player and occasional HD film i send via 40ft DVI-D cable from my PC upstairs.Also,i believe that your eyes grow more accustomed to an LCD picture and perhaps you forget how good your old CRT was??
Hope this helps and good luck.
I have got a Sony Freeview box connected through RGB SCART on EXT1. This is connected with some £10 Hitachi SCART Lead and I have the knock the sharpness right down to get a decent picture. Have tried a Monster cable on it and the picture quality is a phenomenal improvement.

Sony DVD Player connected through YUV SCART on EXT2 S through some nasty £5 SCART. Also huge increases in performance to be had with the Monster cable.

VHS is looped through Freeview with a top notch SCART, but that's only on the VCR coz it is too short to connect anything to the TV. The picture of that is nasty anyway...

Connect a PS2 with S-Video on EXT3 S and get a brilliant picture, although the reds could be more defined (a cheap cable).

Occasionally connect up a PC through EXT4 (VGA) and get an absolutely fantastic picture for hi-def gaming.

Components I currently have free but will be used for an XBox360 when it is delivered!! :)

I think that there is a definite improvement in picture on these sets when switching to a decent quality cable and would recommend that you strongly consider doing so.

Will gladly give you my settings for tweaking if you want to save bother setting up the brightness, contrast, colour etc.

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