Sharp GA4E 32" : is this a fair price.


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Selling to my brother.

Mint condition apart from one dropped pixel (actually it's not a pixel it's a dust spot!).

2 years old. 1 year warranty remaining.


Does that sound fair?


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I personally think it's a little on the high side.

If you hunt around you can buy a new Sharp 32GA8 for just over £500 and you can pick up other end-of-life 32" LCD TV's for this price (or less).

I wouldn't pay any more than £350 for it (sorry).


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I'm not sure the GA8 was considered half as good though was it?

I can't answer that, but to my mind the GA8 is four generations on from the GA4, has a much faster panel response time and would be brand-spanking-new.

At the end of the day, it really doesn't matter what I (or anyone else) would pay for it because if your brother is happy with the price you want that's all that matters isn't it?


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Cheers guys, I thought they were ultimately the same panel but that people still liked the wider stereo separation of the GA4.


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