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I am trying to delve a little deeper into what makes my LC-32GA4E tick.

I have tracked down how to access the hidden service menu but once there, I cant seem to find anything. Anyone know what else I should be doing and what I can expect to find.

Don't worry - I'm not going to change anything and break my brand new pride and joy. :)

Heres how to access the menu

- power down with the MAIN POWER button
- disconnect the power cable from the LCD display.
- Re-attach the power
- on the display, press and hold VOLUME DOWN and INPUT, and press the MAIN POWER button. Keep these held down until K is displayed on the screen
- after K is displayed on the screen, press CHANNEL DOWN and VOLUME UP (not sure if this is needed but its what I have been informed)

The instructions then say navigate with the remote but it doesn't seem to do anything.


McE said:
anyone? I'm afraid to try it myself... ;)
I've tried it - I just cant find anything that looks "service" like once I have done it.

And TV still works. :)

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