Sharp BD-HP25S Unable to stream 4GB+ MKV


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I bought a Sharp BD-HP25S last month off ebay as it was advertised on the Sharp website that you can stream MKV's. When I setup the blu-ray player and streamed from my NAS I was unable to play the majority of my MKV's (The only MKV's I can play are under 4GB), I confirmed this by splitting a 6GB MKV into 1GB and 5GB files and was able to play the 1GB via streaming and USB but not the 5GB (the player only supports FAT32).
I've contacted Sharp tech support for some advice and their response was "MKV's need to be DivX HD" to which my response was that there is no mention of this on the Sharp website or on the box it came in, also there is no mention the player only supported FAT32 othwerwise I would never have bought it.

Has anyone else been in a similar position watching 4GB+ MKV's and how did they get around it. Sharps firmware is open source so is it as simple as tweaking the firmware to allow 4GB+ MKV's or should I just sell the player.



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I believe I am having the same, or similar problem, but more widespread. My NAS is a hybrid RAID from Synology. I use two 3 TB drives. They are formatted NTFS. I can play MP3 audio and view JPG photos, but in videom mode the machine can't find anything. It shows my folder structure but won't play m2ts, m4v mp4, avi. I got it to show me an MKV file, but it wouldn't play. When I try DVD, it won't recognized MPG, MPEG, or VOB extensions even thopugh the manual and the box said it supported mpeg 2. I just updated the firmware yesterday, but that didn't help anything. I bought this player because it plays double-layer Blu-rays (50GB) without a hitch where my old player wouldn't play doubles, only singles (25 GB), but it found all my file extensions for video. I was wondering, how do you get this to play a standard 4GB DVD mpeg file?


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